Neha Kallianpurkar

comedy writer

"B*tch, I might be" - Rumi




Life  Story

This is a picture of me collaborating with my pug to show the world what a team player I am. 

I originated in India in 1988, and then after a bunch of years I spent growing up in NJ, I learned how to be a sketch comedy writer at UCB in NYC. I've been writing sketch comedy for BoogieManja for over two years now. Boogiemanja is a live, weekly (my team performs monthly) sketch comedy show that used to be at the People's Improv Theater, but recently fled to Twitch, first because of laws, and then because of economics. I wrote an original web series called Sad Clown that was going to be filming this summer before 2020 really outdid itself.


The Goss


Independent, diverse, monthly sketch comedy show. 

We moved to Twitch for Coronavirus!

Past seasons:

Illumithoti Season 6

Illumithoti Season 7 

F$$$ That Noise: A Finance Show For Females

October 7, 2019 9:30PM, Panelist - QED, Astoria

Coming Soon:
Sad Clown

An original web series about a sad clown that works in finance.